Epilepsy Week at Camp Carefree
By: Noor Siddiqui

In 1986, a woman known as Anne Jones purchased land in Stokesdale, North Carolina to help build her home. She noticed once she settled down, that there was still a huge area of extra land in her property. Jones was inspired to use this land to build a camp for children with specific health problems. This was the birth of Camp Carefree which has been operating for the past 20 years.

Camp CareFree

For children, going to the camp gives them a new unique experience. Numerous fun-filled activities, such as African drums, archery, rock climbing, and games, are planned for them. The atmosphere in the camp is friendly and positive. The counselors and children interact and get to learn more about each other. “Staying at the Camp for years has really matured me as a person, says Josh Eans, a counselor at Camp Carefree.

Camp Carefree playing games   Playing Foosball

Kids get a chance to learn about each other’s conditions while having fun and meeting others with the same condition is often a first for many of the children. Seeing others with seizures helps them realize they are not alone in the world.

“These kids, you can see the enjoyment on their faces, knowing that for one week they are normal and there is nothing that they can’t do”, says Josh Eans. . .


Ann Jones, founder   Ann Jones, founder and contributor of Camp Carefree


Camp games   Camp Games

Tony McCallum, counselor  

Tony McCallum,
a camp counselor,conducting games with kids

When you visit the camp, you can tell that everyone is having a great time. The atmosphere is friendly and fun. You can see this by the giggles erupting from the children, the wise-knowing smiles of the counselors, and by the expression on everyone’s face that says, “I’m having the best time of my life”. Visiting Camp Carefree has been an interesting and insightful experience. Not only does the camp help kids with their conditions, it gives them the ability and belief that what they previously could not do is possible, soon a belief grows that “anything is possible”.   Camp Carefree helps every child feel special with a sense of belonging. .

For more information on Camp Carefree go to http://www.campcarefree.org/