Other Services


Some of the services of the Foundation include:

Statewide, toll-free HelpLine

Support groups in Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Durham, Salisbury, Burlington, Concord, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wilmington

Epilepsy Medication Fund

Information and referral

Free packets of educational materials

School programs for teachers and children

Epilepsy workshops for the community

Inservice training for professionals

Patient Advocacy

Individual, group and family counseling

School consultation

Employer awareness programs

Public education aimed at eliminating stigma and discrimination

Transportation assistance to epilepsy centers

Mentorship to young students doing projects on epilepsy

Camps: North Carolina is most fortunate to have two
wonderful camps that serve children with epilepsy, Camp Carefree
and Camp Victory Junction. The Foundation works closely with
these camps and encourages participation of children with
epilepsy. In addition, the Foundation sponsors a basketball camp
for children with epilepsy and autism at Wake Forest University and in Charlotte


The Epilepsy Foundation of North Carolina, a non-profit 501(C) 3 agency, is an affiliate of the national Epilepsy Foundation and United Way and is supported primarily by donations.  We greatly appreciate those who join with us to improve the care of those with epilepsy in our state.