First aid instructions for seizures

When to call 911 or EMS

  • The person has several seizures in a short time
  • The seizure lasts more than five minutes
  • The person is injured due to the seizure
  • The person is choking or having problems with breathing after the seizure stops

For all types of seizures

  1. Stay calm
  2. Don't try to restrain or hold the person down
  3. Stay with them until they have recovered

For generalized tonic clonic seizures

  1. Remove dangerous objects from the area
  2. Cushion the head if the person is on a hard surface
  3. Turn the person on their side once the seizure is over
  4. Don't put anything into the person's mouth – it is not possible to swallow the tongue

For complex partial seizures

  1. Guide the person away from any dangerous situation (roads, etc.)
  2. Tell them what happened when they have recovered