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A survey is presently being conducted by a graduate student from Western Carolina University on transportation and epilepsy. Participants need to be 18 and above with at least a two year history of epilepsy. Information from this survey will be very helpful in assessing the transportation issues that people with epilepsy face in our state. If you would be interested in participating in this survey contact: Patricia Gibson at the Epilepsy Information Service at 1-800-642-0500 or email:pgibson@wakehealth.edu


Your donation makes a difference

Your donation enables people with epilepsy to lead productive and fulfilling lives. For example, your donation may help someone purchase seizure medicine, or it can assist support groups or provide the funding to send education packets to persons with epilepsy or their families.

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If you’re already part of our Friendship Circle, thank you for your support. Your caring has helped many individuals with epilepsy across our state. We greatly appreciate your support and hope that you will continue to join with us to improve the care and understanding of epilepsy in our state. Please take a moment to renew your support of our organization.

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If you require further information, please call 800-451-0694 or e-mail us at efnc@wakehealth.edu. Thank you.

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